This is the home of the notation census which aims at a list of mathematical notations around the world.

News: The notation-census has a new home (Nov 6th 2015).

More info about it is at the Notation-Census-Manifest.

Notation of the Week (or two)

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Please add the tag "notation of the week" to suggest notations to appear here.

Available notations


The notation census has been started under impulse of the Math-Bridge project in 2009 (using its wiki).
It has been mainly contributed to by Abdelshafi Bekhit and lead by Paul Libbrecht.
It has been also contributed to by  Paul Libbrecht, Maximilian John, Jussi Kangas, Pedro José Hernando Oter, Ruben Van de Velde, Angel García Olaya, Julianna Zsido, Michael Dietrich, and Franz Embacher.
The census is maintained by Paul Libbrecht.

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