Notations of sin 

Sin symbol represents the sine function, and the sine of an angle is the ratio of the length of the opposite side to the length of the hypotenuse.

Description of this symbol

Observations of the sine function

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sin1-en.png The English book Calculus with analytic geometry shows sine function in page 38.
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sin1-de.png 'Sinusfunktion' symbol is represented in the example on the right, from the German book Mathematischer Begleiter zur Experimentalphysik
page number 72.
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Arabic (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and some other provinces)

sin1-ar.png In the example on the right we find the sine function () is represented in Arabic context and it is called '?'.
The example shows that \(sin 0=0\) .
Find the example in page 48 in the math highschool book
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Dutch sin1-nl.png 

The Dutch book Continue wiskunde shows the sine function in page number 20, and it is called 'sinus' in Dutch context.
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Finnish sin1-fi.png 

We find also sine function in the Finnish book MAOL-taulukot page 25, and it is called 'sini' in Finnish context.
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Spanish  sen1-es.png

In the Spanish book Matematicas para las ciencias aplicadas as we see in page 140 the sin function is represented as sen in Spanish context.
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Encoding the observations of sin

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