Notations of quotient

The quotient represents the integer division operator. When the operator is applied to integer arguments \(a\) and \(b\), the result is the "quotient of a divided by \(b\)".

Descriptions of this symbol 

Observations of quotient

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English quotient1-en.png

In the precalculus book we find quotient of f and g is represented in page 84.
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Dutch quotient1-du.png

The Dutch book Basisboek Wiskunde shows the quotient of a function in page 144, and it called 'Quotiënt' in Dutch context.
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German quotient1-de.png

We find in the German book Differential und Integralrechnung the quotient of two polynomial is represented in page 69, and quotient is called 'Quotient' in German context.

Encoding the observations of quotient

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