Notations of the root of - 1

This page collects the notations of the symbol "i" which represents the square root of 1 with positive imaginary part in the complex plane.

Descriptions of this Symbol

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Observation: English USA

Observation: Spanish

  • But the example in the electrical engineering book which called 'Problemas de teoría de circuitos' represents \(j\) instead of \(i\) in page 177. Usually, in electrical and electronics books \(i\) represents electrical current, so \(j\) is used instead to represent the imaginary unit.  

Observation: German

Observation: French


imaginaryUnit1-fi.png Imaginary Unit symbol is shown in the Finish book MAOL-taulukot in page number 26, and it is called 'Imaginaariyksikkö' in Finnish context.
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Encoding the observations of \(i\) symbol 

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